Chapter 5
Taking the Long-Term View

Forward-thinking industry practices and innovations are ensuring the long-term benefits of shared living models. As an industry with aspirations for long-term development, our current business decisions have added pressure to expedite recovery from the current crisis, prevent the loss of progress and reshape the future for the better. Sustainability is no longer considered an add-on feature; residents are more conscious of environmental impact and therefore sustainable initiatives need to be embedded in all living models for added resilience.

No Sustainability = No Business

Ida Tengroth - Studentbostadsföretagen

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Community is Not for Sale

Ryan Fix - PURE

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The ABC’s of IoT in Blended Living Models

Vincent Jouan - Wifirst

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Mastering the Art & Science of Resident Engagement

Travis Knipe - StarRez

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On Demand: The Latest WiFi Trend Fulfilling Resident Needs

Pete Marshall - ASK4

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