Chapter 4
Policy: Rules of the Game

Policies have not kept pace with the speed of change in the way people are living, creating challenges and restrictions for investors, developers and operators when it comes to experimenting and applying innovative solutions. Due to the differences in national, municipal and industry levels, adjustments are rather complex. What are the innovative solutions and next steps for our community to take? Industry experts are called upon to share the best policy practices across Europe that can help leverage shared living models.

Innovation Districts as a Road to Recovery

Julie Wagner, Thomas Osha - The Global Institute on Innovation Districts

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Lifelong Learning: No Longer an Option, it’s the Certain Future

Brikena Xhomaqi, Andrea Lapegna - ‍Lifelong Learning Platform

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Anonymous Resident Tracking with Wi-Fi in a World of Social Distancing

Tom White - Glide

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By the Books: Legalities in Student Housing – The Netherlands Case Study

Bartjan Zoetmulder, Felicitas Stern - Loyens & Loeff

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A Word from the Wise: The Interchangeabilities of Micro-Living

Philip Huperz, Kristina Marx - GSK Stockmann

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