Chapter 3
Global Talent Mobility

Universities have stepped up investment in internationalisation and the student learning experience. In return, global talent mobility has accelerated vibrant city development and economic success. With the pandemic restricting mobility for the foreseeable future, how have the changed parameters affected where international students and young professionals (want to) live? Students highly value the campus experience, but mobile restrictions may take their ‘home away from home’ on an alternative route to finding their destination.

Why You Should Tap into Subscription Living Now

Bart Sasim - Spatial Experience, Coliving Insights

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A Short-term Relief to Overheated Housing Markets is Not Enough

Djordy Seelmann - HousingAnywhere

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The Future of Student Mobility: Physical, Blended, or Virtual?

Kostis Giannidis - Erasmus Student Network

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Keep Calm and Carry On - Identifying the Movements of Chinese Students in International Higher Education

Dan Baker -

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How Data Paved Way for a Successful PBSA Story in Europe

Samuel Vetrak - BONARD

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