Chapter 2
Blended Living

At an accelerating rate, the ways in which people live, work and learn are changing and the spaces in which we call ‘home’ are adapting to keep up with the pace. For the built environment, flexibility and multi-use of resources is the new normal. The digitalisation of learning models puts the very premise of the urban campus at risk; what does this mean for the future of university-cities? Behavioural changes call for a total spatial redesign and real estate players must be on board or otherwise risk falling behind.

A Balancing Act – Flexible Design for Living, Working and Learning

Lauren Maylor - LOFT

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The Dynamic Context Of Campus Decision-making in Europe

Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel, Alexandra Den Heijer, Monique Arkesteijn - TU Delft

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Playing it Safe & Sustainable: Here’s Why PBSAs are Embracing Co-Living

Jo Winchester - CBRE

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The Impact of the Changing Demands of Students on University Cities

Brian Welsh - Nido Student

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Future-Proof Design in Shared Living

Martina Pardo - A Designer at Heart

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